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Over the past 30 years, Pompage Express M.D. Inc. has distinguished itself in the environmental field. We are pleased to offer our vermiculite removal service in and around Montreal. We have been providing turnkey asbestos-removal services for more than a decade, and full removal is achieved in a very timely manner. Contact us by phone or email today to take advantage of our expertise!

Vermiculite was used in insulation products in many houses in Canada and the United States. A large amount of the vermiculite sold in North America was extracted from a mine where the ore naturally contained a small percentage of asbestos tremolite, an amphibole.

Therefore, these products may pose a health hazard when displaced or frequently stirred. The ore extracted from the Libby Mine in Montana between 1920 and 1990 is of particular concern. It was sold in Canada between 1963 and 1984, under the name Zonolite® Attic Insulation. Health Canada estimates that this product can be found in approximatively 200,000 homes in Canada alone.

Environmental Emergency (Spill)

In order to deliver the best possible service, Pompage Express ® Inc. offers a 24-hour emergency call service. We have a wide range of specialized equipment for accidental spill recovery, no matter which type of product or material is spilled.

What Should You Do with This Insulation?

It is best to have vermiculite removed if it contains asbestos. By doing so, you will benefit from improved energy efficiency, which will result in energy savings for both heating and air conditioning.

Our Technique

Pompage Express M.D. Inc. is committed to delivering the highest quality work. The technique that we use minimizes the quantity of air-volatile dust so in order to avoid contaminating the ambient air. We can also carry out all re-insulation work.

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